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In addition to my work as a business coach and consultant, I also enjoy passing on my knowledge in lectures and seminars. The topics of these events are many and varied, their effect is very clear: I present extensive know-how, new thoughts and creative solutions.

Each seminar is specially designed for my client. The seminars and lectures presented here are to be understood as suggestions only. Please contact me if you would like to organize such an event.

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Excellent workshops!

For leaders and teams.

A successful coaching process enables the participants to achieve situational clarity and to develop full creative power. Of central importance is the strong depth of understanding of the topics as well as the options for action that can be derived from them.

The coaching process comprises three thematic areas and a total of four workshop modules, each lasting 4 hours. Therefore, the workshops are very easy to integrate into the daily work routine.

Day 1 Communication
Communication rules for all situations – Four sides of a message according to Friedemann Schulz von Thun – Concept of metacommunication – Trust as a communication tool

Day 2 Leadership
Development of leadership principles (self- and staff leadership) – Stimulus-reaction relationship – Goal harmonisation as a guideline – Recognising and dissolving projections – Role conflicts and role understanding

Day 3 Conflict
Conflict management as a strategy for minimising conflict – Crisis management strategies – Decision-making as a basis for conflict and crisis management – Creativity as an approach to solving conflicts – Creativity processes and techniques

Day 4 Follow-up
Feedback and reflection on the tools and insights gained – Repetition and deepening – Reflection with the issues of the company – Miscellaneous

Leadership rethought!

Self-reflection as a leadership tool.

Good leadership requires good leaders. But the question is, what are good leaders? What makes me a good leader? What values and goals do leaders need to be equipped with in order to successfully master their task?

In this seminar we will look in detail at these questions and learn methods that help leaders to identify their values and goals more clearly. We will learn how to master one’s task as a leader more purposefully through self-knowledge and thus optimise relationships and communication with one’s staff.

The aim of the seminar is to gain a profound understanding of the connection between self-knowledge, personality development and successful leadership.

Conflict Management!

How to make the most of difficult situations.

Conflicts are constant and natural accompaniments when people work intensively on a common idea. Since companies are built around the idea of cooperation, conflicts also occur again and again and are completely natural. So it is not the conflicts themselves that cause problems, but the way they are handled. By acting carelessly, the difficulties become bigger and bigger, escalations arise, which in many cases hardly allow the people involved to find a solution on their own.

In my seminar/lecture, the participants learn the professional and scientifically founded basics of successful conflict management and goal-oriented solution finding, so that conflicts can take a good turn. They understand the principles of successful conflict management and can implement these tools and approaches directly.

Freedom through self-knowledge!

The power of self-knowledge.

In this seminar we examine the psychological connection between personal life design and the underlying thoughts and feelings. We go in search of our inner tensions and conflicts that prevent us from leading a fully satisfied and happy life.

We work out the individual imprints and thought structures that fundamentally determine our lives. You will be given techniques that will help you to live life more freely, happily and contentedly. You will get to know yourself and your fellow human beings better and learn how you can shape your life according to your wishes and ideas in order to achieve more contentment and satisfaction.

If you muster the courage to engage in new thoughts, this seminar can change your life!

Contents: Personality and individual thinking / Cognitive approach / Systemic thinking in everyday life / Personality test with evaluation / Mastering unpleasant situations / Solving conflicts / Finding inner and outer freedom / Working out design options / Expanding options for action / Developing approaches to solutions / Developing creativity, etc.

Feel with the mind!

Cogito ergo sentio – I think, therefore I feel.

This lecture is a journey into the world of our mind, our thinking and feeling. The interaction between thoughts and feelings and the possibility of making profitable use of them are the main focus.

How and according to what criteria do people make decisions? Is it even possible to make proper decisions? What drives us inside? Which methods and mechanisms are helpful in mastering problems? Why do we need creativity for this? What is meant by creativity? How does creativity arise and how can it contribute to finding solutions? How do we develop our potential?

The aim of the lecture is to gain a deeper and more complex understanding of life and career design, be it in the business sector or in a private context. Participants will have amazing experiences and will be invited to look at their own issues from a previously unknown perspective through new thoughts.


Innovation, Ideas, Inspiration – The Magic of Creativity.

In the globalised world, innovation, ideas and inspiration play the decisive role for the success of a company. Only those who can adapt to the ever faster changes will be successful. If a person is creative, he or she generates new ideas and thus enables innovation. However, this is not only inherent to the protagonists of typically creative industries (advertising, art, music), but is also a central resource in companies in particular.

In this seminar/lecture, the basis and thus a deeper understanding of creativity will be developed. I will explain the rules that underlie every creative process and explore their control mechanisms. The participants/audience will learn methods that can be used to stimulate and carry out creative processes. Practical examples are used to learn how creative methods are used and how they can be used to develop ideas that lead to new ideas and innovations.

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