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With my videos on my Youtube channel I introduce you to my tools and my thoughts. Simply because it is fun and hopefully stimulates discussion.

Have fun watching and join the discussion!

Communication Part 1

In this video I talk about communication and part of the work of Friedemann Schulz von Thun.

In this video I talk about Friedemann Schulz von Thun, the concept of command and message language and give tips and tricks on how to improve your own communication.

Just set the automatic translation, then you can follow the content of the video.

Why do we need goals?

In this video I talk about goals, why we need them and how we can achieve them.

Every human being has, every human being needs goals. The idea of the goal is intrinsic in all of us. Those who understand this and can use this powerful tool will be more successful.

What guides me in my life?

In this video I present which guidelines could be helpful for your life.

The concept of guidelines can help to develop creative power and options for action in almost all situations. In this video I show why this is so and how you can use guidelines to improve your own everyday life.

Follow your gut feeling?

In this video I explain when gut feeling is helpful and when it is not.

Is the gut feeling useful? Can we really rely on it or better not? I explore these questions in this video and develop the navigation tool – a quick tool for orientation within moments.

How do I manage stress?

In this video I explain a basic tool that can be used excellently for a wide variety of processes.

Almost everyone experiences stress. But what is stress and how do we deal with it as adults? I give some important suggestions on this topic here.

How does trust work?

In this video we explore one of the most important connections between people.

Trust is the fastest communication tool! If you want to learn more about this central concept of communication, you can find it in my video.

How do I see through large numbers?

In this video I explain why processes work completely differently depending on whether the process is for one individual or for a large number of individuals.

Big numbers are not for everyone. But you should understand a little bit about them so that you don’t fall for lies or propaganda. You can find out what you should know in this video.

Stefan Schütz
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With this video I briefly introduce myself and my channel and give an insight into my work.