30 years of rhythm, joie de vivre, passion!

Dear friends, acquaintances and business partners,

I hope this message reaches you in the best possible condition. Today I would like to address you personally, share some thoughts with you as well as extend an invitation.

In our history, we humans have always questioned and adjusted our values. The spirit of the times, the harmonization of the thoughts of many, constantly strives to change established ideas, concepts, and values, often focusing on progress as a desirable goal. Indeed, our society has developed a great many positive innovations that have continued to improve our lives.

However, in times of change, it is critical to protect and value the basic principles of our society that have stayed with us through time. Foremost among these are non-negotiable values such as human dignity and individual freedom. But reason, tolerance and the relevance of empirical thinking have also been of fundamental importance in our culture since the Enlightenment.

In many ways, it is precisely this consistency of values that has contributed to our success, whatever each individual may understand by it. Success is what follows, and the future will tell how successful we are. When we experience success, it is the present, which in turn becomes the past.

In my coaching sessions, we often address questions about choices, goals, and life’s challenges. Together we explore these issues, considering different time horizons, and evaluate our solutions in the context of these time dimensions. Time is thus the most powerful fundamental principle in our lives with which we can interact.

This year there is a special anniversary, the 30th anniversary of my company “drum department”. We will celebrate this milestone anniversary with a spectacular event.

From the very beginning, the motto of my school has been: rhythm, joie de vivre, passion! These values have accompanied us for 30 years and are our guardrails, providing orientation and making it easier to master challenges. Despite the immense disruptive changes in the music industry, they are still present and have their effect. We would like to celebrate this in a special way with all of you.

I warmly invite you to this exciting event, which will feature exciting demonstrations, great music, and numerous opportunities to meet and share. It will take place on 07.10.2023 at 03:00 pm at the drum department in Stuttgart-Untertürkheim and will bring people in communication, inspire and connect.

You can find out more information on the drum department website.

With warm regards

Stefan Schütz