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Thoughts for Christmas

Dear friends, business partners and clients,

Shortly before Christmas and the turn of the year, many of us take stock – of our own lives and those of our loved ones, often also of our professional situation and the crisis-ridden state of our society. The results of these reflections vary greatly. For a reflection that can lead to a positive vision of the future, I would like to give you some thoughts.

I would encourage you to be the creator of your own life, in defiance of the panics and crisis preachers shouting loudly everywhere! Act like an adult with solid morals and ethics as well as clear ideas and creative concepts for living. One technique is very important here: visualise your goals and also allow for deeper thoughts. Especially at Christmas, the idea of a transcendent moment is present in our lives. Regardless of whether and if so, what you yourself believe in. The most important capacities of human beings are love and trust, dignity and respect, hope and confidence, creativity and humour. The more of these we have, the easier it is to lead a fulfilled life. These are good guidelines for one’s own path in life.

Meeting other people is the most important thing we have: Human beings are not born to be alone – isolation and loneliness are terrible conditions that we want to overcome. The good news is: in every situation of your life in which you encounter other people, you can shape these encounters in such a way that they become a beautiful, a special moment. Sometimes even a holy one.

Christmas is a celebration and – like every celebration – a symbolic connection to paradise, the place of peace and joy. This idea is the central idea when people come together to eat, drink, talk, sing, make music and dance. In short: to celebrate together!

In this spirit, I wish you a wonderful Christmas in the company of the people who are especially important to you, and a good start to 2023!

Stefan Schütz