What happens next?

Dear clients, friends and acquaintances,

I keep getting questions about my next sailing trip. Therefore, I would like to bring you up to date:

This year my team and I cancelled the planned trip. Due to the completely unclear travel regulations in January/February, a legally secure planning for the late summer was unfortunately not possible.

Even now it is still difficult to plan safely for next year. The possible introduction of a Europe-wide vaccination certificate in combination with the 1 or 2 G regulation would make a sailing trip impossible for us. Dividing people according to their immunity status does not correspond to our idea of an open and fear-free interaction with each other. Also on our list are possible participants who – for whatever reason – will not be able to present a vaccination.

To help you understand the perspective from which I am arguing, here are a few thoughts:

As a counsellor, I am often called in to very difficult and messy situations to help come up with creative solutions. I can excerpt a summary from the countless crisis situations: In a crisis we see clearly how people “are” and on which values their decisions and actions are based. Prioritisations become present and transparent.

The current situation in our country unfortunately shows deficits in some parts of the published opinions. Since spring 2020, our decision-makers have been enacting laws and regulations that can only be brought to bear in disregard of our previous values. A clarification by the highest court of the Federal Constitutional Court is still pending.

I would like to do my part to ensure that in our society the value of dignity and the value of the freedom of the individual are once again given the central position that has been so precisely formulated in the Basic Law.

I talk to many CEOs, entrepreneurs and leaders about these issues and I am confident that society will find its way out of this confusion.

As soon as this state of affairs has been established, my team and I will also offer our unique sailing trip again.

With hopeful greetings

Stefan Schütz